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Visit Singapore

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Planning a Family Trip to Singapore

Singapore is a compact city sized country on the Malay Peninsula. This bustling modern city is one of the cleanest and most family friendly places to visit on the planet. Visitors here have more to see and do than can ever be accomplished in one trip. When you are planning a trip to Singapore you have to do your homework.

Plan a Day to Do Nothing

Family vacations are often expensive and time away from work can be rare. There is always the temptation to pack activities into every last second of a trip. Singapore does have a lot to see, but planning a day into your schedule with nothing on it will help everyone. This lets the family catch up their sleep, enjoy the pool and other hotel attractions, and most importantly frees up some wandering time. A day with no agenda means you can roam around the city just looking. Each of Singapore’s three main ethnic sections is worth checking out. Try heading out in the afternoon and just seeing what life in Singapore is like.

Everyone Picks One Thing

One secret to a harmonious family trip is to get everyone to take ownership. Before heading out to the airport, spend time researching the options. Singapore has museums and attractions for any interest. Let each member of the family pick one thing they want to do and schedule it in. Even when the kids are bored they can look forward to their “turn”. Everybody doesn’t have to command an entire day. Singapore is relatively compact and easy to navigate. If you plan thoroughly you can pack a lot into a single day.

Two Can’t Miss Attractions

If you only two do things with your family in Singapore, make sure you visit the Night Safari and see Sentosa Island.

The Night Safari lets you take a tram through an animal preserve with only nocturnal animals. You get to see animals roaming around in their natural habitats. One of the best parts is the animals aren’t caged in. Every trip on the Night Safari is different and every trip is spectacular.

Sentosa Island is actually a collection of different attractions. First, you take a cable car and see Singapore from the sky. This is the best view of the city. The cable car is all windows and so every seat is a good seat. After the ride you can explore any of the museums, aquariums, and theme parks on Sentosa Island. A family could easily spend an entire vacation just checking out all the spots on Sentosa Island.

English is the language of business and administration in Singapore and is widely spoken. Most Singaporeans are bilingual being conversant in English and their mother tongue. Malay is the national language.

The four official languages in Singapore are Malay, Mandarin, Tamil and English.

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